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Buy a wooden rocking horse at PETIT PUK

 A rocking horse made of wood is a unique and beautiful toy and it is a perfect piece of furniture for developing your child's imagination. Our wooden rocking horses are used for years and because they have a beautiful design, they often serve as an eye-catcher in the room afterwards.

The PETIT PUK wooden rocking horse is handmade in a sheltered workshop in the Netherlands. Our rocking horses are made of the highest quality birch plywood and add atmosphere to any living room or bedroom. You can choose from a number of beautifully rustic color combinations at PETIT PUK.


Buying a wooden rocking horse at PETIT PUK

 Any growing child will agree with us that a rocking horse is great to sit on. Moreover, a wooden rocking horse is a practical toy to teach children physical coordination and balance. Besides being a practical and fantastic toy, it is also an asset in the room.

There are many other cool benefits to buying a rocking horse: both smaller and slightly bigger children can be calmed by letting them do a rocking motion on the wooden rocking horse. Children can develop their sense of adventure and discovery by playing with a wooden rocking horse!


A rocking horse is often used by children for many years

 With a wooden rocking horse, you are helping the development of your little son or daughter. Children rocking on a rocking horse can rock this wooden horse both forwards and backwards with the help of the stable handrails.

Also, thanks to practicing with a wooden rocking horse, your little ones will be less likely to be afraid of rocking on a real swing later on, because thanks to the PETIT PUK wooden rocking horse, they have acquired proper movement and motor skills early on. Your children will be overjoyed when they receive a cool rocking horse as a birthday or Christmas gift.

The hardwood frame and rails are hand-finished and checked to ensure that it is a timeless and safe toy. At the same time, the little horse provides good balance and coordination skills.


Buying a rocking horse is a super idea for young children

 Our traditional-style rocking horse is definitely a great addition to your child's bedroom. The wide backrest, made of wood, guarantees both safety and comfortable sitting. As early as nine months, children can learn to improve their motor skills on this wooden rocking horse thanks to strategically placed handles and a footrest that provides extra safety.

Our rocking horses are made with the utmost care for your little ones from nine months to 3.5 years. Should he or she still want to climb on the horse after that, you can of course do so as long as it fits. Even when your child has finished playing on the horse, the item is a great specimen to place in the corner of the bedroom.