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Buying a bed house at PETIT PUK

Do you want to buy a bed house? Or are you looking for a house bed? Then you've come to the right place at PETIT PUK! Our bed house combines the well-known Scandinavian bed style with a cot that your kids will enjoy for years to come.

The natural wood of a wooden cot house is of high quality and looks stylish in all kinds of interiors. This allows you to furnish the bed house in the style you want for your nursery. A cot house is a cool piece of furniture that will make childhood even more fun!

Buy a house bed online

Give your toddler a safe and creative place to sleep with the bed house from PETIT PUK. A wooden bed house can give the nursery a whole new look. The toddler bed is ideal for both sleeping and playing. This way your son or daughter will have the best playtime and of course a wonderful night's sleep. Our cottage beds come in all kinds of colors, sizes and have different patterns. Buy a wooden bed house at PETIT PUK and before you know it your toddler will be in an attractive hip house bed!

Do you want to know more about our cool cot houses? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you choose a house bed for your toddler!

Cottage beds for the children's room in calm, natural colors

As a result, you can always choose a neutral bed that will give rest to the children's room. We supply beds in natural colors and with the most beautiful designs for both boys and girls. You can always count on the best quality at a reasonable price when you buy a cottage bed from us!
The best place to play and sleep is in a cot house. We recommend a house bed if you are looking for a real attention grabber for the nursery. The unique bed house gives every child's room a cheerful look and style. A wooden bed house encourages playing with friends. The bed house offers hours of fun and ensures that your little one looks forward to going back to sleep at night in his or her new cot house!

All kinds of nice children's beds for the nursery

Looking for a different kind of wooden cot? Visit the category of your choice below to immediately view the ideal cot. For example, are you looking for a beautiful wooden half-high bed or a different type of cottage bed? You are guaranteed to find it in our range! The cutest children's furniture and bedding for the nicest children's rooms for boys and girls can be found easily and quickly online in our wide range. You can also decorate and personalize the cot in all kinds of ways to make the children's bedroom even more beautiful.
The wooden bed house is made of first-class quality wood
The modern styling and neutral finish of the cot house go well with any color scheme, making this design a great addition to the nursery. Easily choose the ideal cot house for your little one. The cot, often designed with a roof and sometimes with drawers under the bed, provides a cozy place to sleep that can also be used as a playground. You can even set up a tent so that your children have their own spot where they can play hide-and-seek. They are guaranteed to have a good night's sleep in this wooden bed house with their friends or siblings.


You can buy a bed house at PETIT PUK!

For your clean sleeper, our adorable toddler bed house is a true haven. The bed is perfect for compact places and smaller bedrooms because the cottage bed has so much storage space, but it also works well as a place to sleep in larger rooms. The side barriers can be placed at either end of the bed on many of our cots and bed houses. This way your child is safe at night. And because it is made of sturdy material, our house beds are also extremely easy to maintain.

We are aware of the importance of a good night's sleep for the well-being of children. That is why at PETIT PUK we only design the best beds in which your son or daughter would prefer to stay in bed for a long time in the morning. Our cot houses not only look cosy, they are also wonderful!

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Our children's furniture is intended to withstand frequent use and is all made of quality materials. At PETIT PUK, we are committed to providing you with the best possible and special wooden children's furniture. We want children to grow up in a safe, sweet and peaceful environment. The children's beds in our selection offer your children an endless range of opportunities to play and relax, making them more than just places to sleep.

A great and practical box bed

Because a bed house is slightly different from an average bed, they will love it! A wooden bed house has several advantages. In addition to being an excellent choice and sleeping place for your child, it can also save space in your child's or children's bedroom.

It can also be a successful method of transferring a young child from a crib to a bed. A cot house can help keep a child's room orderly and clean thanks to the drawers under the bed. And don't forget: a wooden bed house for toddlers offers a fantastic place for children to play with friends.

Easy and quick to assemble a wooden house bed

We at PETIT PUK offer exactly what you are looking for if you are looking for a wooden bed house for toddlers that is easy to assemble. Simple instructions are supplied with each of our cots. Our wooden children's beds and house beds are easy to assemble thanks to our assembly instructions and supplies, so that you can immediately start assembling the wooden children's bed house.

Our toddler cottage beds are made of FSC-certified wood

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a global non-profit organization that supports ethical forest management. An FSC certification offers a reliable guarantee that goods come from forests that are managed in a responsible manner and are good for society, the environment and the economy. FSC certification ensures that forests are managed sustainably, responsibly and in a way that safeguards the rights of forest workers, communities and the environment. Independent audits are performed on FSC-certified forests to ensure they meet strict environmental, social and economic requirements.
The PETIT PUK cottage bed for children bears the FSC logo because it is made of wood that comes from well-managed sources and has been checked by the FSC. By choosing FSC-certified goods, you can be sure that you are supporting ethical forestry practices and preserving the world's forests for generations to come.
You can rest assured that the wood in a PETIT PUK wooden bed house comes from responsibly managed forests. All our wooden goods are FSC certified, so you can be sure that all the wood is ethically sourced.

Are you planning to buy a bed house?

The high-quality natural wood of the wooden bed house has a fashionable look in all types of furnishings. This way you can furnish the cot house in the way you like for your children's bedroom. The cot house is a unique piece of furniture.
The PETIT PUK bed house will offer your son or daughter a nice and safe place to sleep. A wooden bed house can completely change the look of the nursery. The toddler bed house is the perfect place to play and sleep. Your child will enjoy playing there and of course have a restful night. Our crib beds are available in a range of shades, sizes and designs.


Buy a children's bed house online in our children's beds webshop

Would you like to know more about the children's beds, wooden bunk beds or bed houses that we offer in our webshop? Please feel free to contact our PETIT PUK bed experts. We are happy to help you choose a cottage bed!

Our cots are available in different colors and sizes

With us you can always choose a cot house that suits your child's room. For both boys and girls, we offer beds in a variety of shades and beautiful patterns. When you buy a cottage bed from PETIT PUK, you can count on the best quality for an affordable price!