Consent for Use of Photos by PETIT PUK

At PETIT PUK, we strive to showcase our products in an authentic manner, and for that, we seek the assistance of our valued customers like you!

You may have received a message from us requesting permission to use your photo across various platforms, including our website, social media channels, and other communication mediums such as our magazine and newsletters.

By responding to our request with the hashtag #YESPETITPUK, you grant consent for the following:

  1. Sharing your photo on our website.
  2. Posting your photo on our social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  3. Using your photo in other communication mediums, such as our magazine and newsletters.

We appreciate your contribution to our community and look forward to showcasing our products in an inspiring way together.

Withdrawal of Consent

If you choose to no longer share your photo with us, please feel free to inform us. Click on your own photo on our website, at the bottom left within the circle containing the 'i,' and complete the form that appears. Alternatively, you can send us an email with a direct link to the photo at customercare@petitpuk.com

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