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Mezzanine beds for kids are great. House beds are awesome. Combine those two and you have the most amazing bed ever: a mezzanine house bed. And the best of all...we offer FREE DELIVERY throughout the entire European Union!

Wooden mezzanine beds



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Buy a wooden half-high bed at PETIT PUK

A semi-high bed is, in addition to its looks, the ultimate storage solution. Not only do they provide a fun, safe and comfortable place to sleep for your children, but they also offer a huge amount of space to store all their toys, books and games. Accessible via a ladder or step, our raised beds are perfect for the children's bedroom!

Buy wooden mid-high beds online at PETIT PUK

In order to experience the daily adventures, it is important that kids are well rested. In addition, it is important that they find out how they can learn and play. Fortunately, with a clever half-loft bed and other PETIT PUK furniture solutions, you can furnish a functional space for your children. The space under a wooden semi-high bed is ideal for playing, or to put a desk or other toys underneath. In addition, a half-loft bed is ideal to give your children a comfortable cot, adapted to their age, in which they will sleep well!

A loft bed is a nice alternative to a standard single bed

Who says beds are only for sleeping? Our medium-high beds are the perfect combination for young children, our children's beds are sure to make bedtime more fun. The great thing about our wooden half-high beds is that you have a free hand to style them in the way that suits your child. A wooden loft bed is an excellent space saver, and a fun and functional space that your kids will love. The range of wooden loft beds from PETIT PUK offers a wide choice of styles, colors and furnishing options for extra fun. At just the right height to have plenty of storage or play space underneath, our collection of wooden mid-high beds is one of the most popular styles in our range of children's beds.

Buying a wooden mezzanine bed? That's what you do at PETIT PUK!

At PETIT PUK, we've taken everything into account, from the sturdy ladder to the storage space under the bed: the ladder ensures that your child has the safest point of access to his or her sleeping area. They can also easily use the space under the bed, this space is accessible from different angles to play, to store things and to relax.

Tip from PETIT PUK: Mid-high beds are suitable for younger children up to and including teenagers. Since they are raised from the floor, it is recommended that your child is used to sleeping in a bed before he or she sleeps in a semi-high bed, a wooden semi-high bed is an ideal choice, but if you are looking for the For your daughter or son's first bed, a wooden floor bed or a wooden bed house is a better idea.

Wooden half-high beds are multifunctional

The great thing about buying a wood semi-high bed is that you are buying a multifunctional children's bed. Not only do they provide optimal comfort for a good night's sleep, but they also offer excellent storage options, a necessity for every child's room. In addition, bedtime will no longer be a punishment when your little one has a wooden half-high bed from PETIT PUK to look forward to. Our range of children's loft beds is available in different versions and styles. In our wide range of children's beds you are sure to find a wooden loft bed that your child will love.

A loft bed of wood offers space, comfort and safety

A bedroom with a wooden semi-loft offers space for small pull-out desks and space to play, build forts from pillows, have a picnic and much more fun! All in all, a semi-loft bed has everything a growing child needs, from space to comfort to safety. Our wide range of children's furniture includes beds with smart storage solutions, wardrobes for children's clothes and much more! Put an end to the search for the right furniture for every child's room, because at PETIT PUK you will find the total solution.

A semi-high bed of wood is easy to assemble and will be shipped free of charge. A clear manual and the necessary tools are supplied with all our beds. Can't quite figure it out? Please feel free to contact us about assembling, or if you have any other questions about our wooden semi-high beds. We like to think along with you!