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Mattress 90x200

Are you looking for a good mattress 90x200 for your child's single bed? Then you have come to the right place at PETIT PUK. We know better than anyone how important it is not only to look at how the bed looks, but especially to look at the quality of the mattress. If you choose a 90x200 cm mattress for a high-quality single bed, this has many advantages in both the short and long term. It is not only important for adults to have a mattress that suits the position of the body and is tailored to the weight, but also for children. In fact, children are growing rapidly and often sleep a few hours longer. 

Most children from about 4 years old to about 12 years old easily sleep between 10 and 12 hours per night. If we look at the average night's sleep of an adult, it is between 7 and 9 hours. As you can see, a child sleeps almost half of the day, so a good mattress is highly recommended. That is why we have a huge range of mattresses at PETIT PUK, so that you are sure to find the perfect mattress 90x200. So are you looking for a new mattress with dimensions 90x200 because your teenager is ready for a new bed? Then take a quick look at the complete collection.

Mattress 90x200 for children

Are you looking for a top quality mattress of 90x200 for your child? Then you have come to the right place at PETIT PUK! We understand better than anyone that your children deserve the best night's sleep. That is why we offer specially designed mattresses that perfectly match the age, weight and height of your child. A mattress is extremely personal and therefore not something that everyone can purchase. It is important to look at the quality, but also the material from which the mattress is made. For example, do you choose a 90 x 200 mattress made of memory foam or do you opt for a pocket spring mattress?

Because we regularly see in practice that a good mattress for a child is considered too easy, we at PETIT PUK want to change this. Of course, we understand very well that a 5-year-old child does not need a custom-made mattress, but it is important to look carefully at the position. Especially in the first 18 years, when they are in full growth, it is important that they receive the right support. On average, we sleep between 7 and 9 hours per day. That is why at PETIT PUK we have different types of mattresses in several price ranges, so that we have a mattress that suits everyone. So whether you are looking for a 90x200 mattress for a single bed or for a box spring or bed, we have it all.

Topper mattress 90x200

A good bed is not complete without the right topper. If you choose a single mattress with a size of 90x200, this also includes a topper mattress 90x200! At PETIT PUK we attach great importance to the quality of sleep. It is especially important for children that they can relax after a day at school and that they can process everything during their sleep at night. A good mattress is therefore extremely important. Especially when you choose a topper mattress. The advantage of a topper is that it ensures optimal pressure distribution and an even more comfortable feeling than when you lie alone on a mattress.

The topper mattresses that you buy from PETIT PUK are all of high quality and offer you the best of both worlds. This gives you the advantage of even more comfort while sleeping and they ensure the correct pressure distribution, so that your growing teenager does not suffer from bedsores in the morning, for example. Are you unsure whether or not a topper is wise for your child or which one suits them best? We are happy to help you! Contact us without obligation, so that we can determine together which topper mattress is most suitable for your child's posture, weight and height.

Mattress 90x200 offer

A good mattress does not have to be expensive at all. That is why at PETIT PUK we regularly have great offers for, for example, the 90x200 mattresses that are specially suitable for a single bed or a box spring. The reason we are putting these mattresses on offer is purely because we want to offer you the opportunity to purchase a good mattress at a competitive price. In addition, these are often the last models of a certain series and we are continuously updating our range. So suppose we only have a few of a certain type of mattress, in this case a 90x200, they often go on sale so that we can make room for new ones.

Precisely by doing this you bid we give you the opportunity to get a nice mattress at a reasonable price and we contribute to a better and cleaner environment. It is good to know that these mattresses are completely new and also meet all safety standards, so there is nothing wrong with them. There is sometimes confusion that it concerns mattresses that have something wrong with them, but that is absolutely not the case with us. They are usually outdated models that have to make way for something new and from which you can benefit.

Mattress topper 90x200

Do you want your child to relax optimally when he or she sleeps? Then a mattress topper is an absolute must. This way they provide the right support, which is extremely important especially for children. Children grow very quickly. Not only physically, but also mentally. By choosing a mattress topper, you ensure that they receive the right support and can therefore sleep wonderfully. Just make sure you choose the correct size. If you have a mattress measuring 90 x 200, choose a mattress topper 90x200, so that you are sure that it will fit.

A good night's sleep is extremely important, we all know that. It is therefore extremely important not only for adults, but also for children. By choosing a mattress topper, you give your child that little bit of extra support so that they can relax even better. Because a topper is made in such a way that the pressure distribution is even better, they will not suffer from pressure points during sleep, which means they will turn and toss much less and therefore have a better night's sleep.

What is also important is the durability and hygiene of your mattress. By choosing a topper, you don't have to worry about your mattress getting dirty. No matter how clean you are and how neatly you change your bed every week, we all perspire in our sleep. Children in puberty in particular often suffer from this more often. What we should also not forget is that young children are more likely to spit up in bed than we are as adults. By choosing a topper, you protect your mattress and you can easily get a new topper every few years.

Pocket spring mattress 90x200

Do you want your child to be able to relax optimally at night? Then a good mattress is an absolute must! One of the mattresses that is ideally suited for this is the pocket spring mattress 90x200, which fits in a single bed. The advantage of a pocket spring mattress is that they adapt to your child's posture, but are also made of high quality. At PETIT PUK we stand for quality and we do that for a reason. Children sleep on average about 10 to 12 hours a day and when they are younger, even up to 20 hours a day. It is therefore extremely important that they do this not only in a beautifully furnished bedroom, but especially on a mattress that provides the right support. At PETIT PUK you will therefore find a huge range of different pocket spring mattresses, suitable for your child's bed.

The reason why we at PETIT PUK are fans of a pocket spring mattress is mainly due to our high quality, which we have been very proud of for years. Our mattresses are made with care and attention, from only the best materials by carefully selected producers. What makes our pocket spring mattresses so unique? is the combination of the individually wrapped pocket springs and the comfortable filling. This ensures that the mattress provides your child with optimal support during the night, but also provides ventilation during sleep. This is especially pleasant during the summer months, we know from experience.

Ergonomically designed mattresses at PETIT PUK

We all know that a good night's sleep has a huge impact on how we feel. This applies to adults, but especially to children. Children are growing rapidly until at least the age of 18 and therefore need a bed and mattress that provide them with the right support. It is therefore important to choose an ergonomically designed mattress, so that the pressure distribution is even and a night's sleep is promoted. Depending on the length and weight, it can then be determined which type of mattress is best suited for this.

Especially when your child is growing, they may seriously suffer from growing pains. It is then all the more important to provide a good mattress, so that they can completely relax at night and therefore do not have to toss and turn here. At PETIT PUK we therefore have high-quality mattresses that are ideally suited for all kinds of different children. So whether your child suddenly has a big growth spurt in height or suddenly gains a few kilos, with us you will find the mattress that suits your child. Do you find it difficult to choose one yourself? Then we are of course also there to help you with this.

Sustainable mattresses

At PETIT PUK we not only consider quality and comfort to be important when it comes to mattresses, but also sustainability. Precisely because we consciously choose mattresses of high quality and therefore sustainable materials, the lifespan of our mattresses is on average a lot longer than that of many others. This has the advantage that the one-off purchase may be a bit higher, but it is a good investment for the future. 

How nice is it that you don't have to buy a new mattress for your children every few years? Of course, you have to keep a close eye on whether the mattress you have purchased still provides sufficient support for their current weight. Things can go very quickly, especially in the first few years. You may have purchased a high-quality mattress, but if your child is too heavy for this mattress, there is a good chance that they will still suffer from certain pressure points.

Safety above all

If you choose our mattresses, you are also assured of safety. This applies not only to mattresses for teenagers and teenagers, but mainly to mattresses for the little ones. We understand very well that if you are a stomach sleeper, this can be quite exciting in the beginning. By choosing a mattress with aerosleep technology, they can breathe normally even when they lie with their face on the mattress. At PETIT PUK we think about every detail and leave nothing to chance. That is also why our mattresses are so incredibly popular with parents with babies, teenagers and adolescents.

Different mattresses at PETIT PUK

At PETIT PUK you will find a huge range of mattresses. You can contact us for, among other things:

  • Foam mattresses
    • Polyether
    • Cold foam
    • Memory foam
  • Pocket spring mattresses
  • Bonell spring mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses

What do you pay attention to when purchasing a mattress?

When you are looking for a good mattress for your child, there are a number of things you should take into account. Especially because the children sleep between 8 and 12 hours every day, it is important that this happens comfortably. We don't always think about it, but not only the number of hours we sleep influences how we feel, but the quality also plays an important role. Because we at PETIT PUK know this better than anyone else, these are the most important factors that determine your final choice.

Age and weight

The first thing you should look at is your child's age and weight. For example, a 4-year-old child weighing 20 kilos has completely different needs when it comes to a mattress than when you look for a 90 x 200 mattress for your 17-year-old teenager who now weighs more than 60 kilos.

Sleeping position

Everyone sleeps differently. While one person likes to sleep on his or her back or stomach, another prefers to sleep on his or her side. Your posture is therefore important for choosing the right mattress. Suppose you sleep on your back, then it is important to choose a mattress that provides good support for the lumbar region, because this is where the most weight is placed. You will also see that when you go to a bed specialist with your child, the pressure point will be in this area. If your child prefers to lie on the side, it is important that the shoulders and hips receive extra support. If they lie on their stomach, a mattress that ensures that the spine is kept in a straight line is an absolute must.


The last, and absolutely unavoidable, is the budget. A good mattress costs money. So it is better to spend a little more money immediately on a mattress that you will enjoy for years to come than to opt for a mattress that is too thin, which means you will not get the night's sleep you actually need. The chance that you will then develop physical and mental complaints is quite high, causing you to end up in a kind of downward spiral. 

That is why we regularly have great offers at PETIT PUK, where you do not have to compromise on quality, but you do benefit from a competitive price. We do this because we regularly innovate and also want to give people who are less fortunate the opportunity to buy a good mattress. In short, reason enough to keep a close eye on our website.