PETIT PUK was born in 2014 and started out with the rocking horses, which we handcrafted and painted. Where? In our kitchen, living room, anywhere where the rest of the crowd would let me have my 1 square meter. To be able to meet the demand, we struck up a collaboration with a social workplace, here in the Netherlands. The result? An artisanal, handcrafted rocking horse made from high-quality birch wood and hand-spray painted in four fab colours. So, the good horsey has a good story behind it as well!

Gradually, the stables expanded. From shoes and outfits over to the coolest kids furniture. The best of sorts; stylish handmade kids beds, kids chairs and who knows what the future may hold...

This online boutique store is open 24/7. Enjoy, have fun and browse away. If you need any assistance, just drop us an e-mail, and we will be right back at yah.

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