My name is Annemarie. Mother of 3 and chief of staff of our family! Also handy-woman, with a deeply rooted love for fresh & crisp kids attire and Dutchy to the core!

PETIT PUK was born in 2014 and started out with the rocking horses, which I handcrafted and painted. Where? In our kitchen, living room, anywhere where the rest of the crowd would let me have my 1 square meter. To be able to meet the demand, we struck up a collaboration with a social workplace, here in the Netherlands. The result? An artisanal, handcrafted rocking horse made from high-quality birch wood and hand-spray painted in four fab colours. So, the good horsey has a good story behind it as well!

Gradually, the stables expanded. From shoes and outfits over to the coolest kids furniture. The best of sorts; stylish handmade kids beds, kids cabinets, kids chairs and who knows what the future may hold.

This little boutique store is open 24/7. Enjoy, have fun and browse away. If you need any assistance, just drop me an e-mail, and I will be right back at yah.

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