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Handmade wooden kidsbeds in many sizes, wíth drawers for sleeping and/or storage.

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Children's bed with drawers

When choosing furniture for a bedroom, we know how important it is to find a good middle ground between safety, convenience, playfulness and comfort. Choosing a children's bed with drawers is essential if you want to make your child's room a warm and inviting haven.

We offer an assortment of super cool models where you'll easily find a cute crib with drawer, with storage space, that will transform the nursery into a child's paradise in no time! So your children will sleep soundly and keep their valuables within easy reach.
No matter how big or small your nursery is, you may end up running out of space. Any extra storage space comes in handy when you're expecting a baby. So why not choose a crib wood with drawers, or go for a wooden loft bed with storage under the bed?

Crib wood with drawers wanted? You'll find it in our webshop!

Whether you are looking for wooden bunk beds, spare beds for the guest room, single beds or children's beds with drawers: at PETIT PUK you are sure to find the perfect solution for your children's room storage needs. Then you can fully focus on your son or daughter's dream bedroom.

When looking for a children's bed with bed drawer, look no further than the very best children's bed with drawer from PETIT PUK. This bed gives you the freedom to put things away in the children's bed drawers, but also to create a fun and playful atmosphere for your child's bedroom! create!

Easy storage and great sleep in a children's bed with drawers

With storage options that can be hidden in a children's wood bed with drawers, you can keep everything everything from clothes and bedding to books and toys. At the same time, you can maximize the maximize the amount of floor space. Because PETIT PUK's children's bed with drawer is available in a wide range of sizes, styles and constructions, our children's beds with storage offer a solution that fits virtually any room. In terms of size, but also in terms of style.

When you buy a children's bed wood with drawers in the PETIT PUK shop, you can be sure that you are making an investment in quality and that you are buying a children's bed with bed drawer that your child is sure to love will love! At PETIT PUK, you can choose from the coolest bunk beds, half-high beds and bed house that will make your child happy. make your child happy.

Why is a children's bed with drawers a good choice for children's rooms?

A children's bed with drawers is a good choice for children's rooms because of its efficient use of space. Children's bedroom furniture does not need to take up a lot of space. And if it is up to PETIT PUK they can also provide a lot of storage space. Not everyone has the space for a large children's bed with a drawer. Consider investing in a children's bed drawers, as an alternative to buying a large children's bed along with a large closet for the children's bedroom.

Clear away unnecessary stuff: simplify the storage of clothes, toys and other children's stuff. You can also save money with a children's wooden bed with drawers from PETIT PUK. If you have have a crib and a separate chest of drawers, a storage bed can easily replace these two separate parts. Thus, you can save money when buying children's furniture. The combination of use and usability of a children's storage bed makes it an indispensable item to reduce clutter.
reduce clutter.

Cute children's beds buy easily online at PETIT PUK

The boys' and girls' beds included in our selection of children's beds will upgrade your son or daughter's bedroom. your son or daughter's bedroom. Each PETIT PUK bed can be recognized by its unique, cool, eye-catching designs and features.

Looking for a half-high sleeper or another children's bed with a bed drawer? At PETIT PUK you can find everything with peace of mind! You can quickly and easily discover the cutest kids' room gear, furniture and more online. discover. Browse our large selection for the most beautiful kids' rooms for boys and girls. Whether you are looking for looking for a larger children's bed or the first bed for your child. You can choose from a wide variety of children's beds within our collection. From wooden bunk bed to a baby bed, whatever your spending space is, we are sure you can find a PETIT PUK bed that perfectly fits the bedroom of your child or children.

PETIT PUK children's beds are FSC certified

The children's beds in our range are made from wood sourced from responsibly harvested trees and are subject to FSC regulations.

A children's bed with a storage drawer can help you keep your nursery nice and organized. They not only provide a nice place to sleep, but also a practical placement, so your sheets and other sleeping necessities are always within easy reach. A variety of alternatives are available, from bunk beds to cribs, that will suit your needs and style. So take a quick look at our selection and get inspired!