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We have the best selection of solid wooden bunkbeds in a variety of styles and many, many sizes.

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Order your new wooden bunk bed at PETIT PUK

 Children think a bunk bed is fantastic anyway, and our bunk beds in the shape of a house are even more fun. At PETIT PUK you can buy a cool wooden bunk bed in the shape of a house!

You can easily view and order a new wooden children's bunk bed from us. You can do this yourself, or even better, you can do it with your kids. At PETIT PUK, we work hard every day to bring you the most beautiful collection of bunk beds, a wooden bed house and other wooden children's bedroom furniture. We also ensure that the bunk bed is delivered quickly.

Wooden bunk beds for everyone

 We offer a very varied range to choose from. PETIT PUK offers a varied choice of wooden bunk beds that are sure to please. Whatever your preferences, you will discover the design of your dreams at PETIT PUK. Our wooden bunk beds are made of robust material, so that the bed will certainly last a long time.


Wooden bunk beds from PETIT PUK are delivered in a self-chosen week

 Do you like to use natural materials in your children's rooms and do you want to buy them a wooden bunk bed? You will find what you are looking for in the PETIT PUK online webshop, which is often updated with new beautiful beds and other bedroom furniture for children. High-quality wooden children's furniture, all made according to the most recent styles and with high-quality materials, including the wooden bunk bed from PETIT PUK! Are you looking for a wooden cot? Then consider purchasing a bunk bed or a semi-high bed.

A semi-high bed has a beautiful appearance and offers a lot of space in the nursery. This is, of course, great for playing and lounging. From building shelters to falling asleep, everything is possible.

Sleeping on a wooden bunk bed is of course an unforgettable experience
There is a good unobstructed view, and lying on a high bed gives you a protected and cool feeling at the same time. It is important that children get enough sleep to enjoy their daily activities. It is also important that children learn and play effectively. Fortunately, you can create a practical and attractive bedroom for your children with a wooden bunk bed and other PETIT PUK furniture.

Do you want to buy a wooden bunk bed because you want to save space in the children's bedroom? Or do you want two children to share one bedroom? Do you need an extra bed for sleepovers? PETIT PUK wooden bunk beds come in a variety of styles and colors for extra fun.

Do you want to buy a bunk bed? At PETIT PUK you will discover a wide variety of sizes and options!


Raised beds, bunk beds and mid-high beds come in a variety of styles and sizes

 Besides the fact that it is always a pleasure to lie comfortably high, a raised bed has a lot of other advantages. Bunk beds, for example, are an excellent choice for small children's rooms because they save a significant amount of floor space. This is space that you can use for activities such as playing, reading or storing. Use cushions to create a comfortable seating area; a cool play tent with curtains for the loft bed is also an excellent option for the nursery.

They are easy to assemble, easy to move around in your bedroom, and they come with a beautiful design. Due to its basic structure and the use of beautiful wood with few knots, our bunk beds are both durable and light. Enjoy this eye-catcher in the children's bedroom. Due to the optimal height for vacuuming underneath, the bunk bed is also easy to keep clean.

Assembling a PETIT PUK wooden bunk bed is quick and easy. The wooden bed, which comes in a kit form, has been specially designed to be assembled quickly and effortlessly by two people. It's just a matter of putting the parts together. A durable and beautiful bed you can rely on at all hours of the day and night, and made to withstand all the fun of play.

PETIT PUK's bunk beds are made of sustainable wood and assembled with strong joints to ensure a long life. It is intended for growing kids. This applies to our bunk beds for boys as well as our bunk beds for girls. Order your new wooden bunk bed easily online in our online webshop!

Are you looking for a durable wooden bed of exceptional quality? View the PETIT PUK beds collection if you want to know more about the possibilities. Good quality wooden children's beds are available from us. PETIT PUK stands out for its innovative designs, flawless finish, long-lasting quality, eco-friendly manufacturing, and first-class customer service.


A bunk bed to save floor space

 Buying a bunk bed is a practical and space saving mating choice and therefore a fantastic choice. Because with a bunk bed you use the space of one single bed in the room, there is much more space to play and to place toys. There is never enough space to play! And where better to do that than in the privacy of their own quiet and comfortable bedroom? We think so too!


A PETIT PUK bunk bed will provide your children with years of sleeping pleasure

 The nice thing about bunk beds is that they offer a lot of sleeping space in a small space. Wooden bunk beds come in different styles and sizes in the PETIT PUK collection. Consider a variety of colors, materials, and design options. For example, there are bunk beds that can be adapted by adding extra storage drawers to create a cot with drawers. At PETIT PUK you will discover the most comfortable bunk beds for your children. Visit our webshop to see the entire collection and place an order right away.


Bunk beds made of wood remain special for children of all ages

 Lying on the same wooden bunk bed with your brother or sister and chatting endlessly before you fall asleep is the best thing there is. As a child you are therefore never alone. A wooden bunk bed is also useful for parents; if the children calm and reassure each other, both they and you will fall asleep a lot better. Being able to sleep together in a room with a cozy wooden bunk bed is both comfortable and practical.

We are confident that our wooden bunk beds will last a long time. As a result, your child will be able to enjoy the wooden children's bunk bed for the rest of his or her childhood.


Take advantage of PETIT PUK . loft beds and bunk beds

 We have a wide selection of raised beds in a number of price ranges, so you can always find a loft bed, bunk bed or other nursery furniture that meets your requirements in terms of design and price range. You will never spend too much, because at PETIT PUK you always get a quality wooden bed at an affordable price. A high-quality wooden bunk bed does not have to be expensive to be of exceptional quality.


Buying bunk beds is easy online at PETIT PUK

 At PETIT PUK you can easily buy a children's bunk bed. There is more than enough variety and enough for every wish. Are you looking for a robust bunk bed that is also easy to integrate into your home? Then you have come to the right place at PETIT PUK! View the collection online or contact us if you have any questions about our products. Our expert team is happy to give you the right guidance.

We build our wooden bunk beds from solid spruce, a durable material that lasts a long time. So you can be sure that you are making the right investment when you choose a wooden bunk bed from PETIT PUK. You can also count on a 2 year warranty on the purchase of one of our beds.


Order a wooden bunk bed online in our webshop

 At PETIT PUK you can easily buy a wooden bunk bed of your choice online. In addition, you benefit from fast and free shipping throughout the European Union. Once you've made your purchase, you can even track it all the way to your front door thanks to the track and trace system.