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Toddler bed

Small children grow up very quickly! Before you know it, they will have outgrown the cot, which at first seemed far too big, or even clamber out of it. Then it may be time to move on to a bigger bed. A 90x200cm toddler bed can still feel very big for your little one. With a wooden toddler bed from PETIT PUK, you choose a suitable intermediate step: a smaller and cosy bed in which your child feels safe and secure.

Toddler House Bed

Bedtime becomes a party with a toddler bed house from PETIT PUK! Because who wouldn't want to go to sleep in such a cosy wooden bed house? The bed houses are available in different models, so you can choose exactly the bed house that suits your toddler and their bedroom.

With such a beautiful, wooden bed box, the transition from cot to toddler bed becomes a breeze. Your toddler will sleep safely at night and during afternoon naps, thanks to sturdy (removable) wooden drop-down rails. With a floor bed in the bed box, you no longer have to worry about falling out of bed. During the day, the bed box invites you to play in it. Moreover, you can decorate it to your own taste to make it your own. Think attractive curtains or canopies, cheerful garlands, soft lights and the softest cushions and stuffed animals. Many bed boxes also have handy storage drawers for quick and easy storage of toys.

For your toddler, you can choose a cute little bedstead in a small size where your toddler feels safe and secure. But you can also choose a Montessori bedstead, where your toddler lies safely in a floorbed. With a floor bed, your child cannot fall out of bed, and you can easily join them when things get a bit tense in the dark. Our wooden cot beds are made of wood, so you can be sure you are making a sustainable choice. Because the cottage bed is made of natural materials, it has a timeless look that will look good in any child's room. Bed houses that are also half-height sleepers are, of course, great little cabins that will make any child happy! These bed houses are only suitable for toddlers who are good and stable climbers and who do not roll around the bed while sleeping.

Duvet cover Toddler bed

A new toddler bed naturally comes with new toddler bedding. This starts with well-fitting fitted sheets that fit exactly around the toddler mattress. Het is belangrijk om hierbij voor een hoeslaken te kiezen dat de juiste afmetingen heeft, zodat het hoeslaken niet los gaat zitten en gaat oprollen. Although some toddlers prefer to sleep without a pillow for a long time to come, other toddlers find a small toddler pillow nice to sleep on.

Complete the new toddler bed with a cheerful duvet cover to match the colours of the nursery and with imaginative accessories, like a nice bed curtain to go with a wooden bedstead or a sweet bedbumper which prevents your child from bumping into the drop-down gate. When choosing bedding, it is important to remember that the bed is a place to rest. So try to keep it a little quiet in terms of colours and prints. And do you opt for a nice hysterical print on the toddler duvet cover? Then make sure the fitted sheet is plain and neutral.

Toddler bed with railings

A toddler bed with a rail not only makes your toddler feel safer, it's also great for your own peace of mind. After all, with a safety rail, there is much less chance of your toddler tumbling out of the bed and landing on the floor. At the same time, it is good for your child's development that he or she can climb in and out of the cot safely. Your toddler is very proud of himself if he can get in and out of the cot by himself. Very good for self-confidence! With the adjustable cot from PETIT PUK you choose a cot that your baby can sleep safely in and that you can adapt to the phase your child is in. Especially when your child starts clambering over the bars of his cot, this cot is a godsend, because you simply remove part of the rail and your child has a completely different cot, which still feels familiar. PETIT PUK also offers a large collection of wooden toddler beds, where the drop-down rail ensures safe and carefree nights. Think, for example, of a wooden Montessori floor bed with railings, or an adorable bed box with railings, such as house bed Nolita.

Toddler bed Black

PETIT PUK's toddler beds are all made of wood. The natural look of the wooden toddler bed makes it a suitable addition to any children's room. With several toddler beds, you have the option of choosing a toddler bed with a colour in addition to the natural wood look. Fits a toddler bed in black, white, or another colour better suits the room, then you can just do that! With a black toddler bed, you can create a chic, luxurious and cool look in the children's room. The advantage of a black toddler bed is that, just like white and natural, it can be combined well with all colours. With black in the nursery, be careful to keep a balance between soft and light colours and dark black.

Toddler bed Wood

All PETIT PUK cots are made of durable and solid wood. This ensures solid and safe beds in which your toddler (and any siblings who may follow) can sleep soundly. A wooden toddler bed fits in perfectly with the current trend of natural materials increasingly finding their way into children's rooms. The timeless look of the wooden toddler bed makes sure it will last a long time and will fit into any room, whether you have a little animal lover with a safari room, a mini astronaut with a fascination for space or a real princess with a sweet nursery.

PETIT PUK's wooden cots are thus wonderfully neutral and calm, but at the same time, thanks to their playful design and high quality, they instantly become the showpiece of the little bedroom. Our wooden cots are made of wood, so you can be sure that you are making a sustainable choice.

Toddler Bed For Girls

Little girls grow up way too fast! You blink and your baby girl has become a human being with a will and an opinion of her own. For your little girl, you naturally want to create a wonderful and safe place where she can dream safely at night and play happily during the day. A place where your little toddler can relax and where she enjoys crawling into at bedtime. At PETIT PUK, you will find children's beds in many different designs and sizes. From very minimalist cots to romantic cots, from sturdy and robust cots to dreamy floor beds. Especially when your daughter has a small bedroom, a toddler bed or junior bed can be a godsend. Not only does your toddler feel more safe and secure in a slightly smaller bed, it also takes up a lot less space. With a wooden toddler bed for girls, you choose a durable bed that will last a long time thanks to its timeless look and solid material and also looks great. Little (and big) girls get very excited about the wooden bedsteads from PETIT PUK. Sleeping in your own cosy little house, with a nice curtain, soft cushions and all your favourite cuddly toys is super cosy! Great for sleeping and playing in. PETIT PUK's toddler beds are quite neutral and therefore suitable for both boys and girls. One design is a bit tougher, the other more elegant. And with accessories you can dress up the toddler bed to suit your mood and taste. Choose neutral earth tones for a calm and warm look, or go all princessy with lace, tulle and old pink. Anything is possible with imagination and creativity.

Toddler Bed For Boys

The transition from a cot to a "real" bed can be quite an exciting change, even for the toughest kids. When your toddler starts doing acrobatic tricks in his cot to get out on his own, it is really time for another bed. But in a big 90x200cm bed, such a little man still seems very small. That's just toddlers too! A nice intermediate step could be the juniorbed. This bed is a nice in-between size that thus better suits your toddler's height. Do you have a little wild sleeper who can toss and turn? Then with a toddler bed with a rail or a raised bed frame, you can be sure you will find him back in bed the next morning. And your little boy can simply get in and out of bed by himself without having to do any breakneck tricks. Good for his independence and motoric development! At PETIT PUK you are sure to find a cool toddler bed for boys that your toddler will be very proud of.

Fitted sheet toddler bed

When you buy a toddler bed for your child, it is important to also buy matching bedding for it. Choose a fitted sheet that matches the size of the bed. If the fitted sheet is too small, it can easily be pulled off and the mattress will not be fully protected. If the fitted sheet is too big, it will cause bumps and lumps because it will not stay taut. This does not sleep well and does not look very neat. So always check that you have chosen the right size to fit the mattress. Also make sure the colour of the fitted sheet goes well with the bed and the rest of the bedding.

Toddler bed with drawer

Anyone who lives with children knows, in no time your whole house will be overrun with kids' stuff: cars, lego, drawing stuff, socks, dinos, stuffed animals. The more children, the more junk. It can also become quite a mess in those kids' rooms. While for a good night's sleep, it is important that the bedroom is a restful place, without too many stimuli and distractions. Especially when you only have limited space in a children's room, smart furnishing is essential. All the space you have should then be put to good use.

A kids beds with a trundle is perfect for putting otherwise unused (or cluttered) space to good use and keeping the kids' bedroom as organised as possible. At PETIT PUK you will find toddler beds with drawers in many different designs. What's more, you can make some toddler beds just the way you want them. Do you want one big drawer under the toddler bed, two drawers or even a real drawer for when a friend comes to stay? It's all possible! With a spare drawer, you can pull out an extra bed in no time. Ideal for when a friend comes to stay, but also perfect for when your little one needs your presence all night, for instance when they are ill or very anxious, or just a night for fun.

Toddler bed dimensions

When your toddler has outgrown the cot, you may wonder what the dimensions of his new toddler bed should be. What you choose obviously depends entirely on your own wishes and tastes, those of your toddler and the space you have available in the children's bedroom. Some children really enjoy sleeping in a smaller bed, while other toddlers might even be ready for a wooden loftt. So which dimensions suit you and your child best is very personal.

At PETIT PUK, the smallest toddler bed has the dimensions of a cot (70x140cm). Adjustable cot HAZEL is a practical grow-along bed that your baby can snooze in for the first few years. In the first phase, you keep the cot in the highest position so you can easily get your child out of bed during night-time feedings, if your toddler is about to stand up or if your child is already pulling itself up, it's time to lower the mattress a bit and if your toddler clambers over the edge, remove part of the rail to create an opening. This allows your child to get in and out of the cot independently and safely. While some children feel safe and secure in a small toddler bed, there are also children who need all the space they can get. For these wild sleepers, PETIT PUK has the wonderfully large XL Kids beds. The largest bed measures 160x200cm and you can choose from a large floor bed, a large toddler bed or a large bed box. Whether you choose a small or a large wooden toddler bed, with PETIT PUK's wooden children's beds you can be sure of getting a sturdy, durable and beautiful children's bed that your little one will enjoy for a long time to come.

Toddler bed white

If the natural look of a wooden children's bed is not quite what you are looking for, but you have lost your heart to a PETIT PUK children's bed, you can choose to have the bed delivered in your desired colour (subject to availability). Just like a wooden children's bed, you can perfectly combine a white toddler bed with any other colour or print. Neutral colours in the nursery are totally hip, and if you have bright colours or a busy print, a white toddler bed is ideal for creating a calm atmosphere. A white toddler bed also looks extra fresh against a colourful toddler duvet cover. Choose from different shades of white RAL 9016 or varnished.

Toddler bed with slide

Secretly, we would all like a bed with a slide. Because surely there's no better way to start the day merrily, than by sliding down a nice slide? For children, a dream comes true when they get a children's bed with a slide! At PETIT PUK you will find beds for real adventurers. These little scramblers need to be good and stable climbers and also not sleep too wildly. After all, to be able to climb, you do need a slightly higher bed. Make your little monkey head completely happy by getting a real climbing wall for the cot to add to the sleeping and playing paradise!

Toddler bed 140x70

Are you expecting a baby and want to buy an evolving bed right away so that you are provided for at least the next four years? Then the 3-stage cot, grow along and toddler bed Hazel the perfect cot. This cot has an elegant design with rounded corners and is an asset to the baby's room from day one. Perfect to combine with a bed canopy in an attractive colour. Your baby can sleep soundly from day one or from the cot in this fine baby bed, which you can of course purchase with a matching and safe mattress with rounded corners.

And does your child start to roll over, or pull himself up? Then simply adjust this handy bed by lowering the mattress. That way, your child cannot accidentally fall out of bed, but you can still comfortably put your child to bed and take him or her out again. Before you know it, your little one will be a whole lot bigger! Maybe your toddler sleeps restlessly in the cot or tries to climb over the edges of the cot, or even manages to do so already! These are signs that it is time to change the familiar cot into a real toddler bed! Above all, let your toddler help with this, as this will make it easier for them to sleep in it afterwards. And if they like anything, it is 'helping'.

PETIT PUK has a large collection toddler beds in size 140x70cm. Whether you are looking for a wooden grow bed for your child to sleep in from baby to toddler, a wooden toddler bunk bed, a wooden junior bed, a montessori floor bed or a wooden toddler bedstead. There is a suitable bed for every toddler that will make both parents and toddler completely happy. When your toddler has outgrown the cot and is ready for the next bed, you are faced with the choice: immediately a 'big bed' or a single bed with normal dimensions? Or do you opt for an intermediate step with a toddler bed or junior bed? Of course, you make a double investment when you choose first a toddler bed and then a regular bed, but that investment is well worth it. A good night's sleep, for both your child and you, is actually priceless, isn't it? Here are the advantages of a toddler bed.

The advantages of a toddler bed/junior bed

  • Safety; thanks to a low entry, your toddler can easily and safely get in and out of the toddler bed by himself. This greatly reduces the chance of your toddler falling while getting out of the bed. Most toddler beds also have a bed rail or drop-down gate. This also ensures that your child sleeps safely at night, even if it starts to toss and turn.
  • Security; the cot is not only safer, it also feels more secure for your toddler. The size of a toddler bed fits your toddler's height much better. It feels cosy and secure, which ensures that your little one falls asleep faster and more easily and will also sleep deeper.
  • Space-saving; at 140x70cm, a toddler bed is a lot smaller than a large bed. This automatically means that a toddler bed takes up less space in the nursery. Especially when you don't have a lot of space, a toddler bed can be a godsend. Plus, toddler beds are usually designed in a very practical way, for example with handy extra storage space, such as a toddler bed with drawer. At PETIT PUK, in many cases you can choose whether to add extra storage space to the toddler bed.
  • Easy transition; a new bed can be quite exciting. And a big single bed can even be quite scary for small children. After all, they completely disappear into such a big bed! A toddler bed suits them much better in terms of size and makes the transition from the cot to another bed a lot easier. That again saves broken nights and endless bedtime rituals!
  • Playful design; a toddler bed is made especially for those imaginative little people and it shows. The design is often nicely playful, with cute, funny or sweet details that make little ones happy. At PETIT PUK, this is also done in a tasteful way so that even grown-ups can appreciate the design of the beds. Moreover, quality and functionality always come before looks with our beds. So you can be sure that it not only looks good, but is good too!
  • Price tag; compared to a normal cot or single bed, a toddler bed is often a lot cheaper thanks to its smaller size. Many parents think that a child will outgrow a toddler bed in no time, but in reality, the toddler bed can last until your child turns six or seven.
  • Eyecatcher in the nursery; the shining centrepiece of the bedroom, of course, is the bed. But when you choose a special toddler bed, such as a wooden bedhouse or a wooden half-high sleeper, then you really have an eye-catcher in your home. It's great for your toddler to be able to sleep in it, but playing in the bedroom, alone or with friends, becomes even more fun if you have a beautiful wooden children's bed.
  • Bedtime becomes a party; or at least, most of the time 😉 When children are happy with their bedroom and their bed, they are much more likely to dive in without too much prompting. By making their sleeping space their own, and creating a cosy and safe place, not only will they fall asleep faster, but by relaxing more easily, they will also sleep deeper and longer. This is not only heartily good for those rock hard developing brains, but also for morning humours.

Toddler bed with mattress

An investment in a good night's sleep is always a good investment as far as we are concerned. So it's better to do it right the first time. That is why we offer the toddler bed with a mattress we believe in: the cold foam mattress. Because your wooden toddler bed can be so cool and great, if you then put a bad mattress in it, your child will still not get an optimal night's sleep. Which usually means you won't get either. Children actually need to sleep around the clock every night for a healthy night's sleep. That's as many as 12 hours a day. As you can imagine, it is important for your child's development and for a growing body that those hours are spent on a good mattress.

With the hybrid cold foam mattress, you can be sure your toddler will sleep like a princess and get just the right support. This is because this mattress moulds itself to your child's body so that it is well supported everywhere. Moreover, children's internal thermostat is not yet fully developed, so your little one spends a lot of energy balancing its body temperature while sleeping. A hybrid foam mattress helps your child with this, so it never gets too cold or too hot. The mattress is also made of a ventilating and breathable material that stays cleaner than other mattresses and is hypoallergenic. The removable cover is easy to remove and clean. So a very suitable mattress for children with allergies. But most importantly, it is very comfortable. The mattress is springy, not too hard, but not too soft either. This prevents the formation of potholes, which is bad for the back in particular.

Toddler bed from 1 year old

Every child does everything at their own pace, and that's totally fine. But sometimes your child is just a little faster with certain things. There are children who already walk around a lot well before their first year. Children who are a bit ahead in terms of gross motor skills are often quicker with the limited space of their cot. These little climbers make an art of clambering out of their cot. But this can create dangerous situations. In this case, it may be a good idea to switch from the cot to a toddler bed, even if your child is only 1 year old. Especially in that case, a slightly smaller cot as an intermediate step can be very wise, because your child is still really quite small.

Then choose a toddler bed that fits well with this age and height. This can be a small wooden toddler bed of 140x70 cm, but you can also choose a slightly larger Montessori floor bed. With this, you can be sure that your little climber can no longer perform dangerous antics. Moreover, you can choose a floor bed with a safety rail to keep your child securely in place while sleeping, but if you want to give your child complete freedom, an edgeless floor bed is also an option.

When to choose a toddler bed?

When your child is ready to change bed can be very different. Some children love to sleep in their cot and stay there quietly every night until you come to take them out. But there are also children who find the cot a bit restrictive at some point. Sometimes linguistic toddlers can just tell you this. Then they clearly indicate that they find their cot too small. But with most children, you notice it because they start sleeping more restlessly, or perform breakneck tricks to climb out. This is when the cot becomes unsafe, as they can get hurt while climbing out. At what age your child is ready for a toddler bed is therefore difficult to predict, but it is usually somewhere between 2.5 and 3 years.

The choice for a toddler bed is made when your child indicates or you suspect that your toddler will find a regular cot too big and exciting, when you want your little one to have an easy transition from his or her cot to a new sleeping situation, when you have a lack of space, when you want to provide a safe place to sleep and when you want a special cot that your toddler feels comfortable in and that fits his or her height and age. Although toddler beds are low to the ground, have an easy entry and are usually equipped with safety gates, it can be a nice idea to place a soft rug or play mat on the floor in front of the bed. If your child does take a tumble, at least they won't fall on the hard floor.

Until what age on a toddler bed?

Parents sometimes hesitate to buy a toddler bed because they think a toddler will soon outgrow it. Usually, however, a toddler bed can last until your child is around seven years old. But of course, some children grow faster than others, and some may prefer a larger bed at some point. Not because they no longer physically fit in it, but because they find it a bit too childish. If your child is getting too big for the toddler bed, that is definitely the time to switch to a standard cot.

How big is a toddler bed?

A standard toddler bed is 70x140cm. At PETIT PUK, however, we have a large collection of children's beds suitable for toddlers, but available in other sizes. Think of a cool junior bed, a cosy bed house or a Montessori floor bed. Creating a safe place for your child is no problem with all these beds, regardless of their size. You can even choose a King-size children's bed where your toddler can sleep and play safely. So we think you should decide for yourself how big a toddler bed you want.

What Is A Montessori Bed?

Like the bed houses, the Montessori floor bed has become increasingly popular. This is a bed where the mattress is very low to the ground, or even on the floor. This way, your toddler can get in and out of the bed by himself. At PETIT PUK you will find the Montessori floor bed as a floor bed, but also in the form of a cosy teepee or a Montessori floor bed house and in all kinds of different sizes. The floorbed can make the transition from a cot to a standard cot just that little bit easier, but you can even use the floorbed as a sleeping nest for your baby as long as you make sure it is safe.

The floor bed is called the Montessori floor bed because it was developed for children based on this philosophy. This philosophy assumes that you should give children the opportunity to explore for themselves, in order to encourage and not limit their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn. With a Montessori floor bed, your child can decide when to get in and out of bed, which stimulates independence and self-confidence. Because the bed is very low, your child cannot hurt himself. A Montessori floor bed is therefore very suitable for toddlers, because the toddler age is very much about learning to do things yourself and rapid development. It is of course important that the bedroom and immediate surroundings are safe.

What is a Junior Bed?

The words toddler bed and junior bed are used interchangeably, but sometimes also separately. For example, a junior bed can be a bed that is slightly larger than a toddler bed. Handy if your toddler has been attached to his crib for a while and is now moving to another bed, but a 140x70 bed already feels a bit on the small side. The junior beds from PETIT PUK are also available in different sizes and dimensions, so that you can choose exactly what suits your child and the bedroom in question. The designs are suitable for both the smallest ones and children who already think they are very big.

Transition from crib to toddler bed

Even if you choose a toddler bed, the transition from the familiar little crib to a new cot can be quite exciting for your toddler. Fortunately, you are there to make the transition a little easier, but how do you do that? It is especially important to involve your little one as much as possible. So let your toddler express a preference for a particular toddler bed (after you have made a pre-selection yourself 😉), let them think about the bedding, and let them choose a nice accessory or a new cuddly toy for the new bed.

It is also important not to make the switch overnight, but to prepare a little, so that your child can get used to the idea. If your child finds it very exciting, you can first leave the new bed and the old crib in the room at the same time before taking the crib apart. Involve your toddler in this too. Let your toddler 'help' take apart the old bed and put together the new bed. Not only do they really enjoy this, but it also makes it clear that they can no longer sleep in the old bed.

The first night in a new toddler bed is a lot of fun, but also quite exciting! Therefore, make sure that as many things as possible remain familiar. Just do the bedtime ritual as you normally would. Keep in mind that your child may be a little confused at night or be frightened by the new situation and check gently every now and then. Before you know it, everyone will be used to the new wooden toddler bed!

How do I assemble my toddler bed?

You can find extensive manuals for all our beds online, which are also easy to follow. It states exactly which parts should be in your construction kit, what they look like and of course where they belong.