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Are you looking for a crib for your baby or toddler? Then you will find exactly what you are looking for at PETIT PUK! Because a bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep and you naturally want your little one to be able to close his eyes in peace, we look much further than just quality and comfort. Naturally, these two are also of paramount importance to us, but we also think it is important that we give parents the opportunity to choose a crib that suits the taste and style of the baby room. PETIT PUK is therefore carefully putting together and expanding the range of bedsteads on a daily basis.

You will find various high-quality designs with us, where we carefully look at details, safety and therefore quality for each bed. In this way we ensure that we not only design a beautiful crib, but also one that meets all safety requirements, so that your little one feels secure and can sleep wonderfully in it.

Have you seen a beautiful crib? Then don't wait and order it easily and quickly online at PETIT PUK. Using our search filters on the website you can easily make a selection based on color, style and even price. This way you get a selection that fully meets your needs. We think this makes it a lot clearer and you can focus on the final bed that catches the most eye. If it turns out that this is not entirely to your liking, we will of course resolve this with you without any problems.

Crib sheet

Of course, we all want our babies to sleep carefree and, above all, safely. A crib sheet is therefore indispensable and extremely important to look at carefully. At PETIT PUK we therefore have a wide range of bed sheets to suit every style. Because let's be honest, if you have bought a beautiful crib for your baby, you would of course also want to get a matching crib sheet? In addition to what the sheet looks like, quality and safety are of course extremely important. That is why at PETIT PUK we only work with materials that meet the highest quality standards. For example, our crib sheets are made from organic cotton that not only feels wonderful for your baby's delicate skin, but is also sustainably produced.

In addition to the fact that a crib sheet must be durable and of high quality, at PETIT PUK we also think it is important that a crib sheet is breathable and moisture-regulating. If your little one unexpectedly gets warm, heat and moisture can easily be dissipated and your baby or toddler will not be covered in a damp sheet. This also prevents them from getting too hot and even waking up, resulting in a broken night for parents and baby.

Of course we find safety and comfort extremely important at PETIT PUK. Yet we see that more and more parents, including us, find it important that it also looks nice. Because let's be honest, the eye also wants something. We believe that a beautiful baby room also contributes to peace and security for your baby. That is why at PETIT PUK you will find a huge collection of sheets suitable for every style and taste, matching your bed.

Baby crib

As parents you naturally want the best for your baby. As the pregnancy progresses and you are half way through, there is a good chance that you are already busy looking for a baby room for when the little one is finally in the world. One of the most important, and perhaps the most important, is a crib for your baby. Especially in the first few years of your baby's early life, they will spend an average of between 14 and 20 hours here. So you can imagine that it is important to devote sufficient time and attention to this. Not only in terms of style, but also when it comes to safety and comfort. That is why at PETIT PUK we have a huge collection of baby cribs, suitable for every style, taste and of course budget.

At PETIT PUK we find safety and comfort extremely important. Your baby should not only be able to sleep safely, but also comfortably. That is why we attach great importance to the quality of our bedsteads. This means that we only work with high-quality materials and manufacturers, who check every crib in detail whether it meets the set safety standards. Because we work with sustainable wood, the quality and therefore lifespan is many times longer and we also make our important contribution to a better and cleaner environment. If you choose a PETIT PUK bed, it is incredibly easier to assemble. We understand very well that not everyone is equally handy and we have of course taken this into account in terms of design.

Crib fitted sheet

Are you looking for a suitable fitted sheet for your little one's crib? Then PETIT PUK is the place for you! We have a wide range of fitted sheets of high quality, under which your little one can sleep not only safely, but also comfortably. Depending on your preference, we have several types, sizes and materials. Because each material has its own properties, it may well be that cotton is the best choice for one child, while another child benefits more from a jersey fitted sheet. For example, cotton is extra moisture-absorbing, jerney is slightly more stretchy and flannel is nice and warm, making it ideal for the autumn and winter months or when your child gets cold quickly.

In addition to the material, it is also important to ensure the correct size. It is not only important for the comfort of your little one, but also for safety. If you choose a fitted sheet that is too large, it may become loose. If you choose a fitted sheet that is too small, exactly the same applies. Are you unsure about which size fitted sheet is suitable for your crib? Then we would of course be happy to think along with you.

The last point you need to take into account is the elastic, i.e. how the fitted sheet fits around the mattress. For example, you can opt for an elastic band all around, which often stays in place a little better. If you choose elastic around the corners, this is often easier to tighten, but this type of fitted sheet may not stay in place as well.

Crib mattress

A good mattress for your baby's crib is extremely important. Despite the fact that they are of course still very light and there are no bedsores, you naturally want your little one to be able to sleep well from the very first moment he or she is with you. Especially when they are still so very small, they often sleep between 18 and 20 hours a day. How nice is it that they can not only do this in a nice crib, but that they can also sleep comfortably?

At PETIT PUK we know better than anyone how important a good mattress is. This applies not only to adults, but also to babies and children. That is why we not only have a huge range of different mattresses for a bed, but also the right quality. This way you prevent your little one from suffering from back or neck problems at a young age and you ensure that they can sleep wonderfully and comfortably, so that they wake up feeling much rested.

Depending on your wishes and budget, you can opt for a foam bed mattress, but pocket spring mattresses, bonell spring mattresses and even hybrid mattresses are also possible. So it just depends on your preference and what you feel comfortable with. If you find it difficult to make the right choice, we at PETIT PUK are of course happy to help you. If you have any questions or other matters, please feel free to contact us, so that we can take a look with you and provide you with the correct address.

Adjustable crib

A grow-along bed is the perfect investment for the future. There comes a time when your little one no longer fits in his or her crib and it is time for a big bed. How nice is it that you don't have to purchase a completely new bed, but you can easily convert your grow-along bed into a normal bed? This not only saves you a lot of time and effort, but ultimately also money. Of course you will need a different mattress, but that is still cheaper than a completely new bed. Because at PETIT PUK we like to think along with you and believe it is important that a beautiful bed should also be possible for your children, we have an enormous collection of grow-along bedsteads. This means you don't have to specifically look for a new bed, but with a grow-along bed you are immediately ready for the future. How nice is that?

At PETIT PUK we have a number of variants when it comes to a grow-along bed. You can contact us for a 3-in-1 bed, which means that you have a crib, toddler and junior bed in one. If you choose our 4-in-1 variant, you even have a teenage bed. This has the advantage that you are immediately ready for the future and only have to think about a new mattress as the children get older and therefore heavier.

When you choose a grow-along crib, there are a number of important things to take into account. The first is your budget. At PETIT PUK we try to keep our beds as accessible as possible for everyone. However, you may still have to make a number of concessions in combination with your wishes and price. Because we opt exclusively for quality, this of course also entails a certain price. 

Wooden crib

If you choose sustainable, you choose wood! It is not without reason that the wooden bed is also extremely popular at PETIT PUK and is available in many different types, sizes and colors. This has the advantage that there is always a variant that not only suits your budget, but also the style of the bedroom where it will be placed. The bed, and in this case the wooden crib, is the centerpiece of your little one's bedroom. It is therefore not only important to look at quality and safety, but also at the appearance.

At PETIT PUK we work exclusively with sustainable and high-quality materials. This not only ensures that a crib from us is perfect down to the last detail, but also that the quality standards are extremely high. This means you don't have to worry about splinters, as every crib is subjected to thorough quality inspection before it leaves the factory. This ensures that we can not only guarantee a comfortable and beautiful crib, but that it is also one hundred percent safe for your little one. So are you looking for a crib? Then quickly view the complete collection in the webshop.

Extensive range of cribs at PETIT PUK

At PETIT PUK we know better than anyone that every parent has different tastes. While one person likes peace and quiet, the other prefers a little more color. That is also why we are expanding our range every day. In this way we reach an increasingly broader target group, which also enables us to meet the wishes and requirements of many (young) parents. Purchasing a children's room is not something you do overnight. This is not only an incredibly special moment, but of course it also costs serious money. Now you have all the love for your future little one, but it is important that you make the right choices.

If you are finding it difficult to make the right choices, please feel free to contact us. We are not only happy to think along with you when it comes to finding the right cot, but also about what is useful in terms of chest of drawers, wardrobe and all kinds of other things that come with a baby room. We understand very well that due to all the hormones and emotions that come with pregnancy, it is sometimes a challenge to continue to think clearly.

Shop online easily and quickly

At PETIT PUK, online shopping is incredibly easy. Because we have a huge range, we understand very well that it can sometimes be difficult to find what you are looking for. Especially when it comes to the children's room and in this case a crib, it is not at all strange that you do not yet know exactly what you are looking for, but you do know in which direction you want to look. That is why we have all kinds of different search filters on the website, with which you can easily and quickly make a selection that fully meets all your wishes and requirements. 

This makes it a lot clearer and you won't get distracted by items that do not meet your needs. Filtering can be done based on all kinds of different criteria; from color to size and even within a certain price range. This way you don't have to worry that what you see is actually more expensive than you had in mind in advance.

Can't figure it out yourself and could use some help? Then we are of course ready to help you at PETIT PUK. We can be reached by telephone and email and are happy to help you find a crib or answer one of the many other questions you may have when it comes to decorating and putting together the baby room.

Different sizes of beds

If you are looking for a crib, you will soon see that there are several sizes. This is logical, since there is also a grow-along bed, which can ultimately be converted into a 'normal' bed. This means you don't have to specifically purchase a new bed, but you can convert it. Of course, another mattress will have to be purchased, but that is for later. If we look at the different sizes of beds we have, we mainly see that the 60 x 120 cm bed is the most popular. 

This size is suitable for babies up to about 2-3 years old. Of course, it depends entirely on the development of your child up to what age they sleep in a crib. It could very well be that yours is still sleeping in a crib at 2.5, while someone else's child is just 2 years old and is already ready for the next step.