What is a standard bed size?

Standard sizing differs per EU country. Thats why we took so many sizes on board, to accomodate all of you! We did compose a size chart for you as a reference. In the Netherlands the standard single bed size is 90/200. 


Where is the product made?

Our beds are made for us in the EU. We frequently visit our woodworkshops to make sure everybody here ànd there, is happy! 

What wood is used?

As goes for most children's furniture, we use solid pine wood. Pine wood is known as one of the softer woods  (meaning its pleasant to work with) with a very clean & minimalist appearance. Some beds are made of multiplex (plywood): layered wood, know for its strength. We do NOT use MDF (pressed wood).

What is the difference between Express beds and any other bed?

Express beds are delivered to you very fast, since they are already packed and ready to go, or because they can be made & shipped in a short time span.



Where do I find the assembly guide?

Assembly guides can be found at the bottom of each product page and also alphabetically ordered at this page.

Can I add a drawer later?

It is possible. However take note: drawers can be added to beds that have 20 cm of space below the (lowest) bed. If there is no such space, the drawer has to be ordered in combination with new, longer, legs.  To order a drawer (+ new longer legs) please send us an email. 


What is the maximum weight the beds support?

The maximum weight is indicated at each specific product page. It will not come to a kilo. The beds are made with materials that guarantee to support the maximum weight. An occasional snooze is no problem, just keep in mind that our beds are built for kids, not for adults :-)


What is the space between top and bottom bunk for Mezzanine and bunk beds?

This is indicated per model. Please refer to the information at product page. Rest assured, these beds are made for kids and we made sure to let them have more than enough space!


Does the bed come with a slatted frame?

Yes, it does. Each of our beds comes with a slatted frame. In most cases a slatted frame made of bended beech wood slats, to be mounted individually. Some work, yes, but very comfortable.

Where can I find the possible bed sizes?

The available sizes you can find at each product page. In case you wish to double check if your prefered size can be made available, do send us an email.

What does a removable barrier mean?

Many of our beds can be equipped with a protective barrier around the (lower) bed. Once you wish to remove the front part of this, it can be done. 


Where can I find bed sheets?

We have fitted sheets with elastic corners available in selected sizes (atm). You can find the fitted sheets here.

My product arrived damaged, what do I do?

We are terribly sorry to hear this, but rest assured, we are here for you to fix this as soon as possible. Damaged parts are replaced by us. Make sure to send us an email containing: order number, image(s) of damaged part(s), indications of the part(s)number according to the manual. Replacement wood-parts should arrive within approximately 10 days. 

Something seems to be missing, what can I do?

We are terribly sorry to hear this, please let us know what's missing and we will send this to you as soon as possible. Be sure to send us an email containing: order number, image(s) of damaged part(s), indications of the part(s)number according to the manual. Screws will be send within 2 workdays maximum, wooden parts take a few days longer. 


Where is my order?

Once your order is ready for shipped your tracking code(s) will reach you per email. It can be that the shipment is not moving immediately. Please keep following the tracking codes and be patient. In case you wish to reach out to the carriers, keep the parcel numbers at hand. 

What is the delivery time?

The estimated delivery time differs per product. Detailed information can be found at the product pages. Please note that when the product is handed over to carriers such as GLS, UPS and FEDEX, they are in charge as of that point. We are always willing to assist off course. Please find their contact details:

UPS (NL): +31 20 504 05 00

UPS (BE): 078 - 250 877

GLS (NL)085-3016019


When will I receive a tracking code?

Tracking codes will be shared once your order has been scanned by the carrier. In case the tracking code remains unchanged for some days, it means the product is awaiting pick up by the carrier still. 

an I plan a specific delivery date for my full order?

Service for DUTCHIES ONLY: Would you like to receive your entire order at the same time, on a pre-arranged date? Please contact us and we will let you know what the additional costs will be (between €35 and €75, depending on the number and weight of the boxes).

How can I reschedule a delivery?

Tracking codes (in most cases) can be used to reschedule shipments. In case there is a span of days in which we should not deliver (absence due to holiday for example) please provide this information while placing the order in the "remarks for seller" field.

Is the delivery carried upstairs?

This depends on spirits of each individual driver. Most of them are prepared to help out, but by contract they are not obliged to take the parcel any further than the front door at the ground floor.

I received multiple tracking codes, why is that?

Your order may exist of several parcels (for safety sake). The amount of parcels is reflected by the amount of tracking codes. It happens that the delivery of the parcels is spread out over several days. This is undesirable off course, but we see this happening as a result of understaffing at the  carrier-warehouses.

How can I return my product?

Does PETIT PUK welcome clients from Swiss?
Yes we do! These are your options:
1. Through a "Grenzpakket-shop" in France, Germany or Austria . Order can be placed directly in our web-store. 
2. Through MeinEinkauf (this is the most cost effective option, please check: https://meineinkauf.ch/bestellen/petit-puk-schweiz/). And don't forget to include our German VAT number (DE343697926) when ordering! 
Order can be placed directly in our web-store.
3. Or...directly to your home address. 
Order can be placed directly in our web-store.



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