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A junior bed is distinctive, playful and cool! A junior bed is the best solution for kids who have outgrown their crib but are not yet ready for an adult bed.

A junior bed has a lower profile so that small children can get in and out easily. In addition, a junior bed usually comes with an edge to hold onto. Junior beds are the perfect choice for parents who want to gradually transition their child to a big bed. Your child can get used to a real bed beforehand with a junior bed, yet this bed is not too high, allowing him or her to get used to this gradually. All in all, a junior bed is super cool and provides a safe and comfortable sleeping option for growing toddlers.

Why a junior bed is the best option for your child

A junior bed is the perfect option for your growing child. They are cool and offer plenty of room to grow, with a mattress the same size as a single bed.
On our website, you can quickly buy a brand new junior bed. You can do this on your own, or even more fun, you can pick it out together with your kids. At PETIT PUK, we work hard every day to put together the coolest and nicest beds such as a children's bunk bed, a bed box and other wooden bedroom furniture for kids. Moreover, we guarantee fast delivery of the beds with the help of our team. You are most welcome to buy your new wooden junior bed online at PETIT PUK, we have a very wide selection of the very coolest beds!

The different types of junior beds available

Junior beds come in a variety of styles, from simple wooden frames to more elaborate designs. Wood for a junior bed is a popular choice because of its durability and classic, beautiful appearance. A wooden junior bed is also a popular choice for its sturdiness and stability. A junior bed made of wood is great for those who want the best of both worlds: the warm, classic look of a junior bed with the strength and stability of wood. Whatever your style or budget, there is a junior bed to suit you!

Want to buy a junior bed? You can find it at PETIT PUK!

Our junior bed is made from spruce, plywood or pine. Spruce wood is usually used for sturdy furniture. Other types of wood are sometimes used for a junior bed wood, such as pine, plywood or scaffolding wood. Junior beds made of wood are sanded smooth and are always neatly finished, and they come in wood color or in white. A junior bed made of wood makes a cozy and attractive bedroom in no time.

Buying a junior bed online

Junior beds come in a playful, cool design and transform any bedroom into a special space. Your child will feel super with a beautiful junior bed in his or her bedroom.