PETIT PUK cares about the environment


Together with Regreener we help to fight climate change. For each order made in the PETIT PUK store we will plant a tree. By teaming up with our partners at Regreener we can fight climate change by compensating our carbon emissions, this happens through supporting green projects, such as planting tree and protecting rainforests.

Regreener’s projects have been carefully selected based on three criteria: a proven track record in CO2-sequestration, a positive impact on biodiversity and the side benefit of creating jobs for local communities. When using the Regreener trees will be planted in the Copperbelt province in Zambia. Zambia’s Copperbelt is a deforestation hotspot. Land degradation and soil erosion have become widespread and result primarily from the increasing population and the pressure it places on land through poor agricultural practices and other social- economic activities such as charcoal production.

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