How do you make a Montessori nursery?

How do you make a Montessori nursery?

How do you make a Montessori nursery?

Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori method, is based on the idea that children have distinct psychological qualities and needs. That children should be given the opportunity to develop in a way that is most natural.

The Montessori method encourages children to develop skills and abilities in an environment designed for that purpose. PETIT PUK also believes in this vision, which is why you can shop a variety of children's furniture for a cool and functional Montessori nursery!

Independent thinking, focused attention and a passion for teaching are encouraged by emphasising hands-on activities and self-direction.

A Montessori nursery ensures social and emotional growth

Besides emphasising physical coordination and intellectual progress, the Montessori method also emphasises a child's social and emotional growth. Careful observation of each child is central to the Montessori method, as is their own pace of completing tasks and working with materials.

A Montessori nursery ensures independence

An environment with the special Montessori philosophy design, encourages children to make their own decisions and choices. This helps with development and sense of independence. It also promotes creativity and critical thinking.

Montessori spaces are designed to allow children to explore and learn, which helps them learn to think critically and creatively. The Montessori philosophy is designed to give children the freedom to be in charge of their own learning and behaviour.

A Montessori nursery fosters a love of learning, which helps children find a passion for learning that will last a lifetime!

Create a Montessori nursery for your little one!

In a Montessori nursery, you can use natural materials. Therefore, when furnishing the Montessori nursery, think about using wooden children's furniture and other organic materials such as wool, cotton and leather. These materials create a sense of connection with nature and are also strong and beautiful. For example, you can promote learning and discovery by including wooden toys and other natural materials in the children's room!

Montessori rooms are designed to give children as much freedom as possible. Using the Montessori method, you can design a nursery that is easy for your child to access. This is because the room is designed so that everything in the Montessori nursery is easy to reach and they can reach everything. For example, with a Montessori bed or junior bed from PETIT PUK!

Or how about a wooden cot with drawers?

Our cool children's beds with drawers offer handy storage options. A wooden cot bed with drawers has storage options so you can organise everything from clothes and bedding to books and toys. You can maximise the available floor space at the same time!

Our very cute children's beds with drawers offer a solution that works in almost any room, and are especially ideal in a Montessori nursery. PETIT PUK's cool children's beds with drawers are available in different sizes and styles.

Using wooden children's furniture in a Montessori nursery? Good plan!

You can use wood in different ways to design an environment for your child according to the Montessori method. You can decorate your child's room with fun, practical and eye-catching wooden Montessori furniture. Think of a cool wooden table or a wooden Montessori cupboard. We offer various low wooden and velvet highchairs and children's benches, on which your little one can clamber all by himself. Do you have any questions about this or would you like to know more about PETIT PUK's fun wooden children's furniture? Then don't hesitate to contact us!

Using wood can help you create a peaceful environment

To make the room warmer and more playful, you can use wooden accessories; such as a wooden play table or bedside table. It is important to use wood in creative ways that suit your child's age and interests. By doing this, you can design an environment for your child that is both stimulating and caring and influenced by Montessori.

Learning stimulated by a Montessori nursery design

Encourage development by including things that let your little son or daughter learn through exploration and discovery. Montessori environments are interactive and practical. For example, you can give your little one puzzles, building blocks and other wooden toys to play with in the nursery.

The most interesting Montessori nurseries include wooden play equipment that is both fun and educational. These wooden furniture pieces can be used to teach fundamental ideas such as shapes, sizes and patterns while providing a safe and exciting environment for imaginative play!

Not only can these cool structures be used to provide a safe and engaging environment, they can also be used in teaching fundamental ideas such as counting, sorting and problem-solving. Not only that! They can also promote the development of children's motor skills as they learn how to stack the pieces while playing with them. Children can use their excellent imagination in Montessori nurseries learning!

At PETIT PUK, buying wooden children's furniture online is easy.

Are you looking for the cutest children's furniture made of wood to furnish a children's room according to the Montessori method? You're sure to succeed at PETIT PUK! A wooden bunk bed or semi-high sleeper can add more space to a Montessori nursery or playroom. A low bed house and our other low children's furniture fit ideally into a Montessori nursery!

A Montessori nursery is all about the details

To create a happy environment that stimulates a child's imagination, PETIT PUK combines practical children's furniture. For example, use our furniture in different colours and shapes to create a cheerful mood. At PETIT PUK, you can also choose wooden children's furniture in funny and educational animal shapes.

Choose one of our wooden animal-shaped children's furniture to add a playful touch to the room: it's both entertaining and practical!

A wooden cupboard to store books, blocks or toys

Low shelves should be made of durable material such as wood, and they should be wide enough to put different things on them. It should also be structured so that children can easily reach the things they need, for example by having shelves of different heights and parts within easy reach.

Buying Montessori furniture - choose a Montessori cupboard

A Montessori cupboard should be easily accessible to children so that they can access the items in it. Consider filling the wooden cupboard with toys and other educational things relevant to children's interests. Think wooden blocks, puzzles, children's tools, books and other items. An open cupboard that is neatly maintained can help promote feelings of independence, creativity and a sense of order.

When planning the layout of an open-plan cupboard, it is wise to take into account the number of children who will use it and the amount of space they have available. This can be quite a challenge, but a fun one! If you can't figure it out, you can always contact us. We are happy to think along with you when it comes to furnishing a Montessori dream room.

Low wooden beds are ideal in a Montessori nursery

Think of a Montessori room for children as a low bed, which is just low enough for a child to crawl in and out on their own. Other useful and beautiful Montessori furniture are a chest of drawers and a chest of drawers. It is also a good idea to provide a child with a chair and a small desk on which he or she can draw and practice other fine motor skills.

To make the environment look even more inviting and cosy, you can also use plush elements such as cushions, blankets and rugs.

A children's room for play and movement

Children get the chance to improve their physical, mental and social skills, while also having the chance to explore and learn new things, in a Montessori nursery.

It is important that the sleeping and play area has an atmosphere that is both engaging and attractive to children. Playing and learning are central to the Montessori philosophy!

Consider furniture and interiors that challenge the mind and stimulate the senses, such as jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, and traditional board games. In an environment that is safe and engaging for them, the room should inspire children to go on adventures and express themselves freely.

Small Montessori furniture when decorating a Montessori nursery

A Montessori nursery includes wooden furniture at a lower height to fit small children. This Montessori furniture is adapted to your children's height so they can use the objects independently and enjoy their sense of autonomy.

All the cool PETIT PUK beds, tables and chairs are suitable to contribute to a Montessori nursery. Shop at PETIT PUKtoday for the ultimate Montessori nursery!

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