From cot to toddler bed

From cot to toddler bed

From cot to toddler bed

For your child (and for parents!), a good night's sleep, a good and safe sleep is extremely important. You will go through several sleep milestones with your child. From the first night with your newborn baby, in a cradle or co-sleeper, to the first night of sound sleep, or sleeping in a cot in your own room for the first time.
 All special moments to think about and prepare for. Because there will come a time when your child outgrows the cot. How do you make the transition to a toddler bed without sleepless nights? In this blog, we give you some handy tips to make the transition from cot to
toddler bed as easy as possible.

What is a toddler bed?

The name gives it away: a toddler bed is a bed specially made for toddlers. It is sometimes also called a junior bed or a transitional bed, because it is actually an in-between bed, before your child goes to sleep in a standard size bed.
 As such, the toddler bed is sized to fit a small toddler's body. The sizes of toddler beds can vary, but are often between 140x70 cm and thus a lot smaller than a standard single bed that measures 90x200 cm.

Why a toddler bed?

When you start looking for a new children's bedfor your child, after a cot, you probably wonder why you shouldn't opt for a single bed right away, but should take an intermediate step first. After all, small children grow like crazy, and then in a year or two or three you'll be spending money on a bed again.
Still, it can be really nice for your child to choose a toddler bed first. It makes the step from the safe cot to a bed smaller and can make the transition easier. Also, a toddler bed is often designed to be slightly lower to the ground and has special raised edges or safety rails to prevent your child from falling out of bed. Because of this and the smaller size, your child can feel comfortable and safe in the new toddler bed. Because the bed is a lot smaller, it is also ideal in the small nursery because it takes up less space.

When is your child ready for a bigger bed

But how do you know when your child is ready for a bigger bed? When do you say goodbye to the cot? Every child is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, it is quite possible that your child is ready to make the switch at around 2.5 or 3 years of age. You can often tell when it is time for a change. For example, if your child starts doing all sorts of breakneck antics to climb out of the cot by himself, creating an unsafe situation. Also, if your little one sleeps very restlessly, this could be a sign that it's time to move thecot out of the nursery.
However, it is important not to do this too quickly. If your child still sleeps wonderfully in the cot and has not yet physically outgrown it, you don't necessarily need to buy another bed.

Tips to make the transition to a toddler bed easy

Most people don't like change very much. So too do many toddlers. And going from a cot to another bed can be quite intense for such a young person. To avoid the transition being accompanied by intense emotions and broken nights, it is smart to do a few things.

Thus, it is important that a new bed does not suddenly appear in the little room overnight. This requires some preparation. Therefore, first talk about it with your child and prepare it for the fact that there will soon be a new bed. It is also very smart to involve your toddler in the purchase of the new toddler bed. Do you want to be in control? Then make a selection of beds that have your approval and let your little director/director choose from them. Do the same with the bedding.

Do it yourself

Once the toddler bed is there, it helps to involve your child in taking apart and cleaning up the cot. This way, your child can also see what happens to the old, familiar bed. Besides, toddlers like nothing better than 'helping' mum or dad.
The same goes for putting together the new cot. Moreover, they are so curious that it is almost impossible not to involve them. Because, of course, a cool new toddler bed is so exciting!

Getting used to it

To make the transition a little easier, you can also choose to put the old cot and the new toddler bed together in the nursery first. That way, your child can get used to the idea. But chances are that your child can't wait to sleep in such a beautiful toddler bed.
Nevertheless, it often takes some getting used to, and your child may wake up more often or have trouble falling asleep. Stay patient and take a little longer to show them that nothing has changed, but that you are also very close to them in this bed.

Different and the same

A brand new toddler bed is very different from a cot for a while. That is why it is important that the rest of the bedtime ritual remains the same, or at least as much as possible. Your child may need some extra security and closeness, so take advantage of the new bed by snuggling up to it. Because everything else is the same, your child will feel safe and secure in the new bed sooner.

Choose a toddler bed that fits

At Petit Puk you will find different toddler beds that are all slightly different. It is important to choose a toddler bed that fits. Not only for your toddler, but also for the nursery. Will your little one be happy with a small toddler bed house? Or is a floor bedjust a better match? Does your toddler feel more comfortable with a gate or would he rather not?
Which looks best in the room and is extra storage space also desirable?
 With such a beautiful toddler bed from Petit Puk, it is as if the room has had a metamorphosis!

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