Product measurements - Half-high bunk bed BENITO

Bed size Height Length Width
90 x 190 cm 230 199 106
Weight limit per bed:  100 kilo lower bed
                                   60 kilo upper bed
One big storage drawer (if desired we can deliver a slatted frame for drawer)
Height of rungs: 30 cm 
Staircase position: in the middle
The height of the vertical beams to start the roof is 173 cm
The upper tier starts at 123 cm

The standard height of the legs is 19 cm.

The front of the drawer is 18 cm high

The ladder to the bed is 142 cm high and 50 cm wide. The ladder consists of 4 steps, which are approx. 9 cm wide.

Mattress for sleepdrawer:

 - thickness max. 10 cm

-10 cm length of frame size

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