The advantages of a bunk bed

The advantages of a bunk bed

The advantages of a bunk bed

Which children's bed do you choose for the nursery? That can be quite a challenge, because there are quite a few options. Think of a toddler bed, a standard single bed, an extra-large children's bed, low to the ground, a bunk bed or a half-high sleeper?
 In this blog, you can read all about the advantages of a half-high sleeper.

Difference between half-high sleeper and high sleeper

For the sake of clarity, let's first look at the difference between a half-high sleeper and a high sleeper. The word says it all; the half-high sleeper is a lot less high than the high sleeper. Whereas a high sleeper can be up to 180 cm high, there are half-high beds from 120 cm.
 This is the reason why the half-high sleeper is suitable for a younger target group. Toddlers from the age of three can already sleep well in a half-high sleeper, while the high sleeper is really meant for older children from the age of six. Of course, it is always important to check whether your child has developed enough motor skills to climb in and out of the bed safely. So the difference between the two beds is in the dimensions and the target group. Also,because of this,a
semi-high sleeperis often slightly cheaper.
 So what are even more reasons to buy such a nice bunk bed for your child?

A cosy place to sleep

Of course, the most important thing is that your child has a safe place to sleep. A place where it feels safe and comfortable. But you also want your child to be happy with their room and have a bed that looks nice and feels cosy. Every child is different and every child has their own preferences, but many children love having a 'high bed'. Whereas a high sleeper can be a bit creepy for young children, the half-high sleeper is just the right height to be adventurous enough but still safe.
 At Petit Puk, you will find half-high beds in different styles and designs. From nice and minimalistic to the
bedhouse with nicely rounded shelves and even with the sought-after slide.
 With such a trendy cot, sleeping really becomes a dream!

Sleeping safely in a bunk bed

Compared to a high sleeper, the half-high sleeper is a lot less high. This makes it a safe choice, especially for young children aged three and up. Some children go straight from a cot to a half-high sleeper, for other children it is better to lie in a toddler bed first. Although a half-high sleeper is naturally higher than a standard cot, your child will sleep safely thanks to the high raised edges. However, it is important that your child has the coordination and sense of balance to climb up and down the stairs safely.

A nice play area

A cot can be so much more than just a place to sleep. For a young child, the whole world still revolves around play, and the bed is just as much a part of that. A half-high sleeper offers not only a cosy and adventurous place to sleep, but also a nice play area under the bed, where you can make cosy little huts or work on Lego constructions. So the bed becomes part of your child's world of experience.

Perfect for small rooms

The half-high bed is the perfect solution for small rooms. Because with such a higher bed, you immediately create extra space. Space you can use to play, make a hut or a house. But you can also use it to store lots of boxes of toys, or a handy toy cupboard, or even a mini desk for your child to draw on or play on. You can also turn the space under the bed into an extra sleeping place in no time, ideal for sleepovers (or mums and dads who have to stay over ; ))

Ideal for room with low ceiling

A half-high sleeper is great for small children, but teenagers can also do very well in a half-high sleeper. Especially when you have rooms with a low ceiling, the half-high sleeper is a godsend. Because whereas with a high sleeper the ceiling is very close, the half-high sleeper gives you much more space to sleep and move around.

Easier to make up

Making beds is not the easiest of household chores anyway, but those who have to make a loft bed really have a challenge. Because then there is nothing else to do but crawl into it. Unless you are short, this challenge is much less with a half-height bed, because you can reach it much more easily because of its low height.
 That saves a lot of grumbling and a lot of time.

Creating more space in the children's room

A half-height bed makes the children's room look much more spacious, because you literally create more space. Plus, you can fill it in completely your own way. Will you make a homework corner underneath or will your child's entire collection be displayed there? A half-high sleeper is also a real eye-catcher in your child's bedroom. 









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