Velvet sofa VICKY


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Product description

This amazing sofa for two children, will create a brilliant corner for fun.
It is stable, steady and sturdy, and the wooden sides are an advantage and absolutely improve the comfort of sitting. The fabric is soft and pleasant to touch!

The sofa is practical and very comfortable. Thanks to the right size, it can serve a child for many years.

YOU CHOOSE THE COLORS of the buttons! In this picture: Upholstery color - coral / rusty pink & color of buttons - delicate salmon. 

FREE shipping throughout the whole European Union                                 

Delivery time: around 10 working days
Dimensions and weight:
height: 55 cm
total width: 80 cm
depth: 40 cm
back height: 30 cm
seat depth: 30 cm
seat height from the floor: 26 cm
weight: 8 kg

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