HR cold foam mattress


Fitted sheet with elastic corners made of 100% crispy white perkal or muslin cotton

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  • 2 -5 days
  • Fully certified Dutch Made mattress

Product description

The foams and fabrics used in our mattress carry the following certificates:

  • Certipur
  • LGA
  • Medically tested
  • Öko-Tex
  • CE-Label

A mattress is a mattress is a mattress. Or is it? A deep dive into the world of mattresses...

Kids play, eat and grow. And we need to support their growth as best we can. A great mattress is essential, especially for our little ones, since they sleep almost 12 hours per day. So it is imaginable how important it is to optimize all circumstances to have a solid time of shut-eye. Because the world of children’s mattresses is a jungle (and you might even get tempted to opt for a low price, so-so option), we decided to present to you only the best mattress option for little children. We chose a cold foam mattress and this choice was founded on three pillars:
- Support, comfort
- Regulation of body temperature
- Hygiene

A cold foam mattress follows the body-contours and thus offers support for the entire body.
This mattress does not have zones: zones are specific areas of the bed, designed to offer support for shoulders and hips (great for 12+ youngsters, not so much for our tiny crew).

Cold foam does a great job regulating body temperature. Children’s bodily thermostat is not yet fully developed, causing to drain more energy to keep it steady. Latex might be too warm, whereas pocket mattresses tend to be too cold. Cold foam keeps it just right.
And, last but not least, cold foam is super-duper clean. And we love that!
With pocket mattresses, dust and other nasties can easily settle into nooks and crannies, whereas cold foam stays clean and is hypo-allergenic as a result. Ventilation is another great feature of cold foam. YAY for cold foam.

Our PETIT PUK children’s cold foam mattresses are m
ade in the Netherlands, have a core of 12cm thick, high-quality cold foam. The mattress comes with a 200g/m2 cover quilted on a 200g polyester fleece lining. The cover is zip-off detachable (super handy and super clean!). The total thickness results in around 14cm. 

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