EXPRESS LIEFERUNG: Kleinkindbett mit ausziehbarer Schublade GUUS


This mattress is 40 cm shorter than main mattress!!
Fitted sheet with elastic corners made of 100% crispy white perkal or muslin cotton

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  • 1 week
  • Made of FSC certified wood

Beschreibung des Produkts

GUUS, one of the latest designs and part of our new ASAP-collection (fast shipping: 1 week only!), is ready to take you on an adventure. Neat designs, modern & original and available in an array of sizes – from toddler beds to single size. Sleep-overs are a doddle, for your siblings and dolls alike, or maybe it’s an airfield where your toy planes can land; it’s up to you. 

Some more specs:

  • WOW- FREE SHIPPING in the entire European Union
  • Material: FSC-certified plywood / multiplex
  • Colour: natural wood, sanded and ready for use (no need to treat it) 
  • Maximum weight: 90 kilo
  • Including slatted frame, excluding mattress
  • Assembly: easy, comes with a manual
  • Delivery period: 7-10 days!
  • Guarantee period: 2 years
  • Our theme beds are made in the EU with the finest craftsmanship.
  • Questions or wishes? Mail us at:


  • Mattresses too are important, that’s why PETIT PUK has studied the topic thoroughly, and we have found you the very best option: a high quality, Dutch made, cold foam mattress at a good price. You can order the mattress right here in our shop.
  • Do you need a different width or length? The size chart is your friend. After all, the numbers tell the tale!

PS. Did you know? All of our wooden products are handcrafted and FSC-certified. FSC is the quality label of the Forest Stewardship Council, promoting sustainable and responsible forest management. 


Available sizes Height cm Length cm Width cm
70 x 140 cm 40 143 73
70 x 160 cm 40 163 73
80 x 160 cm 40 163 83
80 x 180 cm 40 183 83
80 x 190 cm 40 193 83
80 x 200 cm 40 203 83
90 x 180 cm 40 183 93
90 x 190 cm 40 193 93
90 x 200 cm 40 203 93
Weight limit: 90 kilo
Size spare bed: - 40 cm shorter than main bed

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