What makes a PETIT PUK bed so special?

PETIT PUK children's beds are made of the highest quality materials and are available in every style and size you wish. With us you will find a diverse range of children's beds, semi-high beds for children, bunk beds, wooden rocking horses and other children's bedroom furniture.
Take a look at our wide range of children's beds!

Wander around in all the possibilities of PETIT PUK!

At PETIT PUK, we design wooden children's furniture that enables children to play, learn and sleep. We design furniture that adapts to the development of your child.

Whether you are looking for the first bed for your child or if you are looking for a large cot. In our range you will find a wide choice of children's beds with surprising designs. From a wooden bunk bed with storage space to a custom Bettenhaus. Are you planning to redecorate your child's room? Prepare to be amazed with our special accessories for the children's room! Whatever your budget, we are sure you will leave with a PETIT PUK bed that will complement your son or daughter's bedroom.

From elegant girls' beds to sporty boys' beds

Our collection of children's beds includes boys' beds and girls' beds that your kids will love. Every PETIT PUK bed stands out for its striking designs and functions. This makes putting your son or daughter to bed a lot easier and also more fun! From toddler beds to space-saving bunk beds, there is a bed for every small sleeper in our collection of children's beds.